I developed a liking for guitar at a young age, inspired by various acoustic artists. I learned to play in Fall 2008. I began writing songs at age 18 in 2012. I currently have written over 23 songs and am still writing today. My former guitar teacher, Andy, and I have played live shows at a place called Tavern on the Hill (formerly called Tavern 33) . I met local New England acoustic artist Mike Coletta at a pub in Lincoln, Rhode Island called The Lodge Pub & Eatery, where, we played a live show together. In addition, I have also been in a two-piece band, which was comprised of a friend and myself, called Free Air.

Film & Radio

I developed an interest in film and video upon taking a digital media class at Rhode Island College. There, I made various commercial projects as well as a 7 minute short horror film called 12:00 AM. I was also a radio DJ at WXIN Rhode Island College Radio. There, I had a two-hour radio talk show called The Creepy Hour with my friend and co-host Johnny Chaos. During my time at Rhode Island College, I gained knowledge on how to use various Adobe products, ranging from Photoshop, to After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Further experience I have attained from Rhode Island College is the use of WordPress and Wix. I also have experience using Google and the tools it provides. I have worked with Microsoft products ranging from Word to Excel, and PowerPoint.